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Committees of the Board


The Board of Directors has formed two permanent committees: the "Finance and Auditing" and "Personnel and Compensation" committees. The board committees themselves do not make any decisions, but rather primarily fulfill an advisory role. They are particularly designed to help make BoD meetings more efficient, and ensure quick, well-founded decisions are made. The committees' tasks are established in their own functional specifications.


Finance and Auditing


  • Kaspar Kelterborn (chairman)
  • Peter Schaub
  • Manuel Werder


The committee's tasks particularly include:


  • Checking the appropriateness, reliability and effectiveness of the financial and accounting systems
  • Checking the annual and half-yearly accounts, as well as other financial information due to be published; establishing guidelines, quality standards and the informational content thereof
  • Monitoring the assessment of company risks, and assessing risk management practices
  • Monitoring the investment and hedging policy
  • Monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of the internal control system (ICS)
  • Monitoring business activity in terms of compliance with and implementation of BoD decisions, company principles and instructions, and applicable legal regulations, particularly also the stock exchange legislation
  • Assessing the performance, independence and fees charged by the auditing agency and group auditor (extern audit), as well as endorsing these to the board/general meeting. Approving the audit plan, processing audit reports, and monitoring implementation of the external audit recommendations
  • Monitoring the property strategy


Personnel and Compensation


  • Mauro Gabella (chairman)
  • Tim Talaat
  • Christian Wipf
  • Peter Schaub (Personnel only)


The committee is particularly responsible for the following tasks:


  • Formulating the guidelines for the CPH Group's remuneration and benefits policy for the BoD; particularly the principles for remunerating the members of the board and group management
  • Lodging requests with the board regarding the BoD's remuneration
  • Assessing the performance and annual achievement of objectives by the CEO and members of the group executive management; lodging requests with the board regarding fixed and variable remuneration for this
  • Monitoring implementation of the remuneration policy and wages history within the CPH Group
  • Lodging requests with the BoD regarding election of the board members, and appointing the CEO and group management members, as well as their employment conditions



Regulations of the Finance
      Committee (German)


Regulations of the Personnel
      Committee (German)


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