All the employees in the three divisions of the CPH Group at their various workplaces in Europe, the Americas and Asia follow the same company values.

These values are outlined in our mission statement. They state our targets, the way we treat each other and how we think and act in our daily business.


We are an internationally oriented, forward-looking group with independent enterprises operating in the chemistry and packaging sectors.


We aim for increasing profitability through sustainable improvements in our competitive position. We strive to identify market needs promptly, to continuously improve our products and services and create added value for our customers.

Customers and suppliers

We strive for long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers, and focus on delivering competitive products and services to ensure our business success.


Our employees’ knowledge and expertise are instrumental in our business success. We are goal-oriented and involve our employees in the decision-making process. This in turn calls for high professional and personal competencies, a team spirit, a dedication to performance and an openness to change from all our employees.


Our processes, products and services consistently meet our customers’ quality requirements. And through our constant further training, we ensure that they continue to do so.

Safety, society and the environment

We act responsibly towards our employees, our business partners, society, the state and the environment.


We conduct open communications about the main processes of the CPH Group – towards the public, too – to promote and maintain reciprocal trust and understanding.


High profitability is the only way to secure the continued importance and independence of the CPH Group. We consistently put continuous long-term development above short-term profit maximization. And we strive to ensure that our shareholders are duly rewarded for their commitment and their risk.