An eco-minded alternative

With its PERLATOP line, Perlen Packaging has taken a further major step in enhancing the environmental credentials of its packaging technologies.

Ökologische Alternative

In developing PERLATOPTM, a lidding film made from PVdC-coated paper, Perlen Packaging has created an ecofriendly alternative to aluminium-seal films that can be used in pharmaceutical blisters. The PERLATOPTM manufacturing process produces 98% less carbon dioxide than is generated by the production of conventional aluminium-seal films. PERLATOPTM also possesses excellent printability credentials..

An innovation award?

This innovative blister packaging development project, which has been jointly conducted with the Melasan company, has earned Austria’s state Smart Packaging Award for 2016. PERLATOPTM-sealed blister packs are also equipped with counterfeit-proof individual security features such as holograms and QR codes..