CPH in the media

Diversification helps deliver black-ink results

SRF Börse (TV) – The CPH Group is back in the black, thanks to its Chemistry and Packaging Divisions. And while the Paper Division is still posting an operating loss, Group CEO Peter Schildknecht is confident that this segment, too, will recover in 2018.

While its paper production business continues to show an operating loss, the CPH Group’s CEO Peter Schildknecht voices his confidence to Swiss TV’s (German-language) SRF Börse programme that this division, too, will recover in 2018.

The Perlen (Lucerne)-based CPH Group has reported a further loss for its paper business in its latest annual results. But Switzerland’s last classic paper factory still seems set to survive. You can find out more (in German) in this report from Swiss TV’s Tagesschau.