CPH in the media

"The Chemical" and its village

Neue Zürcher Zeitung/Tages-Anzeiger/Zürichsee-Zeitung – Several articles in the regional media and beyond have marked the final departure of the CPH Group from its original Uetikon site after 200 years of industrial activity.

For 200 years, the chemicals factory was a firm and prominent feature of the village of Uetikon. Now “The Chemical” has moved out. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung offers a look back at the unique interrelationship between the factory and its home village in an article published on 28 May 2018 entitled «Die Chemische und ihr Dorf».

«Abgesang auf Schnorfikon» (“Requiem for Schnorfikon”) is the title of a similar item in the Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerland’s other German-language daily, which also recounts the story of the sulphuric acid factory that was founded in Uetikon by the Schnorf siblings 200 years ago and went on to play such an influential part in the lives of the village and its inhabitants.

The regional Zürichsee-Zeitung has devoted a five-part series of articles to the company and its 200-year history:
Part 1: Eine Fabrik, dem See abgerungen («A factory won from the lake») 
Part 2: Produktion von Schwefelsäure prägt die Firmengeschichte («Sulphuric acid production dominates company history») 
Part 3: Er war dabei, als die Züge durch die Chemische Fabrik Uetikon rollten («He was there when the trains rumbled through»)
Part 4: Eine Familie mit ausgeprägtem Familiensinn («A family-minded family»)
Part 5: «Die Voraussetzungen für die Fabrik waren in Uetikon extrem schlecht» («The local conditions were far from ideal for the Uetikon factory»)