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Perlen Packaging revolutionizes dry powder inhalation

Pack Aktuell – In a genuine innovation within the dry powder inhalation segment, Perlen Packaging has unveiled the Perlamed Blistair, the world’s first thermoformed single-dose inhaler. The device consists of two thermoformed films that securely seal the active substance inside.

Ever since the invention of the multi-dose dry powder inhaler (DPI), active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) have been administered using more or less complex multi-dose devices. The complexity here requires patients to familiarize themselves with their device and learn how to handle it. As a result, devices of this kind are less than ideal for disposable use or single-dose applications. They are also very expensive to produce.

Perlen Packaging, which is part of the Perlen (Lucerne)-based CPH Group, publicly unveiled the world’s first thermoformed inhaler at the recent PharmaPack 2017 trade show in Paris. The Perlamed Blistair sets new benchmarks in cost reductions and simplicity of use, Perlen Packaging maintains.

You can view the full article (in German) in PDF form here.