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"Media talk": the high price of paper and its consequences

Radio SRF 4: Paper prices are rising in Switzerland. And massively so. This also has an impact on the media industry. Newspapers and magazines are becoming more expensive to produce.

The price increase is hitting a part of the industry that is already under pressure: On the one hand, the printed product, and on the other, the printing companies.

In the SRF 4 News "Media talk", Christian Weber, Head of Communications at the CPH Group, explains the circumstances that have led massively increased prices over the course of the last two years - even though the pandemic initially led to a drop in prices. Moreover, Alfred Wälti, Managing Director of Swissprinters, and Andreas Schaffner, Co-Managing Director of Tamedia, interpret the consequences for journalism and printing companies and show why this development will once again accelerate the digital transformation in the next two to three years.

You can find the "Media talk" here (in German).