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The CPH Group benefits from the rising paper price

Finanz und Wirtschaft: For the first time since 2019, the Paper Division is earning more money.

The CPH Group, which operates the only Swiss paper mill in Perlen/LU, is benefiting from the current development on the paper market. Paper for newspapers and other printed products has become increasingly expensive in recent months.

 "Paper prices are now as high as they were ten years ago," says Christian Weber, spokesperson for the CPH Group. He considers the current upward trend in paper prices to be encouraging. However, he says it is primarily due to higher costs for recovered paper, wood, auxiliary materials and energy.

For example, recovered paper is about twice as expensive as in 2015, if the German recovered paper price index is used as a benchmark. "We have to pass on the higher input costs," Weber says. In the current year, the Paper Division's earnings margin should make a positive contribution to the CPH Group's EBITDA in the double-digit millions.

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