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CPH significantly increases sales and profit as previously announced

awp Finanznachrichten: Thanks to a good order situation and higher selling prices, CPH Chemie + Papier significantly improved sales and profits in the first half of the year. The Group is accordingly optimistic for the full year 2022.

However, the figures do not come as a complete surprise. The company had already reported the expected approximate figures in mid-June in a "positive profit warning", at least with regard to sales and EBIT. An updated outlook for the year was also given at that time. According to the definitive figures, CPH generated sales of 360 million (+48%, currency-adjusted +51%) and an operating profit of 51.9 million Swiss francs in the period from January to June 2022. The year before, the figures were massively lower at 244 million and 5.7 million, respectively. The net profit figures are new: at 47.7 million, they were also massively better than in the previous year (5.9 million).

The products of the Chemistry division were in strong demand in the first half of the year, especially molecular sieves for the purification of ethanol, natural and industrial gases and for the concentration of industrial oxygen. The division increased sales by 19 percent to 56.4 million Swiss francs. The market for graphic papers had developed positively, as the supply of paper in Western Europe had been reduced by permanent shutdowns of production facilities and by a strike at a competitor lasting several months. At the same time, the procurement costs for the most important raw materials, recovered paper and wood, had again increased at double-digit rates. This was reflected in higher paper prices, with the result that the division's sales rose by 78 percent to 187.6 million Swiss francs. Meanwhile, demand for pharmaceutical packaging was high in the first half of the year, particularly in Europe. Numerous pharmaceutical producers had increased their inventories, fearing constraints on their ability to deliver. With higher sales volumes and prices, as well as an increasing share of high barrier films, the division's sales increased by 28 percent to 115.8 million Swiss francs.

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