Ten apprentices successfully complete their vocational training

This summer, ten apprentices successfully completed their training at the Perlen site. Among them are two refugees from Afghanistan who managed to enter the Swiss labor market in this way.

Djamal Moschtaq (left) and Seifollah Salehi (right) have successfully completed their apprenticeship as plant operators.

Across the CPH Group, 50 apprentices were undergoing vocational training at the end of 2021. At the Perlen site, ten of them have now successfully completed their apprenticeships as plant operators, commercial officers, production mechanics, logistics officers, ICT specialists, polymechanics or automation engineers. Five of the apprentices can continue their employment at Perlen Papier and Perlen Packaging.

Among the graduates are also two refugees from Afghanistan who came to Switzerland in 2016. They both first did an internship at Perlen Packaging and then an apprenticeship as plant operators. In a TV report, Tele 1 portrayed Seifollah Salehi. He is very happy about his apprenticeship diploma: "Finally I have a diploma. I hope that I will now have it a little easier in the Swiss professional space."

By making this training possible, the Packaging Division made a valuable contribution to integrating the two into the labor market and society. According to Peter Henz, Head of Human Resources at Perlen Packaging, the amount of support Seifollah Salehi and Djamal Moschtaq needed was hardly any different from that apprentices from the region required.