The Chemistry Division is a leading global supplier of molecular sieves (zeolites), chromatography gels and deuterated products, and trades under the Zeochem brand.


An international leader in the silicate chemistry field


Zeochem develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of molecular sieves, special zeolites, chromatography gels and deuterated solvents, and distributes these worldwide.

With operations in Switzerland, the USA, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, India and Singapore, Zeochem is ideally placed to provide its customers with local service and support. Its products are used primarily for the industrial-scale purification of gaseous substances. This includes removing impurities such as water or sulphur from natural gas, ethanol or medical oxygen.

Zeochem can draw on over 75 years of experience in the silicate chemistry sector, and is one of the three leading providers of such products worldwide.

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