Corporate governance

Responsible corporate management and control are the basis of the long-term value-adding activities of the CPH Group.

The Board of Directors and Group Executive Management of CPH Group AG are committed to responsible corporate governance in the interests of shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholder groups. Based on the corresponding corporate governance principles and transparent reporting, the CPH Group aims to sustainably create added value in all its business activities.

Full details of the Group’s corporate governance are provided in the Corporate Governance Report section of the Annual Report, which is compiled in accordance with the corporate governance guidelines of the SIX Swiss Exchange.

The articles of incorporation, organizational regulations and descriptions of duties of the two Board Committees will be found in “Documentation” in downloadable form.

The fundamental aim of the CPH Group is to provide remuneration that is in line with market levels. The Remuneration Report contains information on the principles, programmes and procedures applied to determine the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors and Group Executive Management and their amounts in the current business year.