CPH in the media

"PVC has a positive future"

Pack Aktuell – Together with Vinyl Plus, Perlen Packaging is committed to more sustainability in the PVC industry. In view of this, the two organizations have organized a webinar on the topic.

In an interview with Pack Aktuell, Detlef Wolters, Head of Technical Service at Perlen Packaging, explains which initiatives the film manufacturer and coater is using to move the PVC industry towards a circular economy. He also explains why he does not currently see renewable raw materials and Bio PVC as an option.

With regard to the life cycle assessment of PVC, he refers to a recent study: "In terms of climate relevance and environmental impact, the processing of PVC into pharmaceutical films and also the barrier coating with PVdC that often follows, performs excellently". In addition, Perlen Packaging's activities account for less than ten percent of the processing and usage chain. Nevertheless, the company plans to develop fully recyclable materials and in order to further reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Read the full article here (in German).