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First investor wants to build a gas-fired power plant

SonntagsZeitung: The CEO of the CPH Group in Perlen, Lucerne, is "very interested" in building one of the planned new large gas-fired power plants on his site. Other sites are also interested.

Environment Minister Simonetta Sommaruga's schedule is considered bold, to say the least, by the electricity industry and energy policymakers. She wants to build two to three gas-fired power plants by 2025, i.e. within three years, in order to avert the looming winter electricity shortfall and minimize the risk of blackouts. Until now, however, neither a site had been evaluated nor an investor in sight.

Now a first willing investor presents itself: "We are very interested in building one of the gas-fired power plants proposed by the Federal Council," says Peter Schildknecht, CEO of the CPH Group, which operates the paper mill in Perlen LU. Perlen is already on Sommaruga's wish list. As things stand, there are 18 possible sites that would be more or less suitable for the construction of a gas-fired power plant. However, a large number of factors must be right for construction to be possible: a sufficiently large gas connection is needed, and a line to the high-voltage grid must be possible. In addition, the site should be located in the right zone or be able to be rezoned.

"This location is ideal"

Schildknecht is convinced that his industrial site meets all these requirements perfectly: "The site of the Perlen paper mill would be ideal for a gas-fired power plant," he says. There is enough space on the site. It is geographically central, and there is a pipeline in the immediate vicinity where the gas could be tapped. The Mettlen electricity substation is also a short distance away, where the electricity produced could be fed directly into the high-voltage grid. In addition, the site is already in the industrial zone, he said. "That would undoubtedly shorten the construction process," Schildknecht says. Of course, as with any such construction, an environmental impact assessment would still be needed, Schildknecht says. "But I'm convinced that a gas-fired power plant could be realized very quickly in Perlen compared to other sites."

You can find the entire article in SonntagsZeitung here (in German).

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