Zeochem merges its Swiss-based companies

The CPH Group’s Chemistry Division is merging its Swiss-based companies CU Deutero + Agro AG and Chemie Uetikon AG into Zeochem AG.

Perlen, 26 June 2017 – The CPH Group’s Chemistry Division will cease the production of fertilizers at its Uetikon (Zurich) site at the end of this month. The fertilizer manufacturing activities have been performed to date by CU Deutero + Agro AG, which also produces deuterated solvents. The latter business will continue as a separate product segment within the Zeochem Group.

In view of these developments, CU Deutero + Agro AG is to be merged into Zeochem AG with retroactive effect from 1 January 2017. At the same time, Chemie Uetikon AG, which was the owner of the real estate at the Uetikon site until its sale to Canton Zurich, will also be merged into Zeochem AG.

“By integrating our deuterated product manufacture into Zeochem we can exploit a number of synergies within the Zeochem Group in terms of our quality management, our logistics, our marketing and our sales,” explains Alois Waldburg-Zeil, the Head of the CPH Group’s Chemistry Division. “Following these mergers, our division will trade solely under the Zeochem brand on the Swiss market.”

The division’s deuterated products will be manufactured at and distributed from a new site in Ru?ti (near Zurich) from 2018 onwards, by the same proven and experienced team. Deuterated compounds are used as solvents in NMR spectroscopy, as synthetic building blocks in pharmaceutical agents and for the production of organic light-emitting diodes or OLEDs.

The Zeochem Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of molecular sieves, special zeolites, chromatography gels and deuterated compounds which are used in the energy, chemistry and pharmaceuticals sectors. Zeochem maintains operations in Switzerland, the USA and China, to which it will add a new site in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018.


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