CPH to serve as key supplier for new Perlen wood-fibre insulation board production plant of Schilliger Holz AG

Schilliger Holz AG plans to build a new facility for manufacturing wood-fibre insulation board out of Swiss wood at its existing Perlen site. The CPH Group is leasing the company a 20,000-square-metre land plot for the plant’s construction, and will also supply power and water for the new operation.

Perlen, 26 August 2021 – Schilliger Holz AG is one of the main suppliers of wood chips to Perlen Papier AG. One of the company’s sawmills is directly beside the Perlen paper factory. Schilliger Holz AG now plans to add a new plant for producing wood-fibre insulation board to its Perlen operation, to be built on Perlen Papier land that is currently used for wood storage and other purposes. To this end, the CPH Group is making a 20,000-square-metre land plot available to Schilliger Holz AG on a lease. Perlen Papier will also provide the new Schilliger Holz plant with electricity, process steam, fresh water and demineralized water, and will further process the resulting waste water in its own treatment facility.

The new plant, which is scheduled to commence operations in 2023, will close a current gap in the processing of Swiss wood that arose following the cessation of insulation board production in Switzerland some years ago. “We are very pleased to be teaming up with Schilliger Holz AG to further tap the synergies in industrial wood processing that are offered at our Perlen site,” says CPH Group CEO Peter Schildknecht. “These new developments will make Perlen a genuine centre within Switzerland for the sustainable recycling of this vital natural resource.”

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