In focus

“We only use ALSIO for our molecular sieves”

Techairs is ALSIO’s most important Chinese customer. The engineering company uses only ALSIO molecular sieves when it develops new facilities.

Whenever a new gas extraction, separation or purification plant is built anywhere in China, there’s a strong chance that Sichuan Techairs Co., Ltd. is involved in the planning. The engineering company, which is headquartered in Chengdu in Western China, has devised, developed and overseen the construction of some 200 such facilities in the last 20 years. The vast plants are not limited to China, either: they will also be found in Malaysia, Thailand and Kazakhstan.

A close collaboration

Techairs has been working with ALSIO of the CPH Group’s Chemistry Division for almost as long. In fact, before ALSIO’s acquisition by Zeochem, Techairs had co-founded the company and was one of its main shareholders along with the Elegant and Success corporations. And Techairs still has a small ALSIO holding today. «In all the plants we build, we only ever use ALSIO molecular sieves,» says Wang Lanhai, Techairs’ Overseas Business Manager. And ALSIO works closely with Techairs to ensure that this long-standing customer always receives the optimum product for its needs.