In focus

Consistently high quality is the key

The Chengdu Shenleng Liquefaction Plant and Jiangsu ALSIO Technology have been working together for over ten years now, with excellent results.

Chengdu Shenleng builds some half a dozen industrial plants a year for clients in China, Indonesia and India. The facilities are primarily used to separate, purify and liquefy methane gas. And for the molecular sieves required to do so, Chengdu Shenleng turns almost exclusively to ALSIO.

«It’s the consistently high quality of these sieves that is the foundation of our long-standing collaboration,» says Xie Lemin, Chairman & General Manager of Chengdu Shenleng. «In fact, we don’t regard ALSIO as a supplier: we view them as a partner who we’re constantly collaborating with to develop and trial new processes and procedures.» The associated knowledge transfer is, Xie Lemin feels, a vital element in both partners’ success. And it’s one that Chengdu Shenleng is keen to see further intensified with ALSIO’s integration into the Zeochem organization.

Dynamic business growth

Chengdu Shenleng is undergoing dynamic business growth. Following its listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company has acquired new resources to fund its further development. «We plan to further expand, particularly in the area of constructing air separation plants,» Xie Lemin confirms. «And in doing so, we are sure to build further on our tried-and-trusted ALSIO collaboration.»