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Zeochem expands its U.S. operation

With growing demand for medical oxygen, Zeochem is expanding its capacities for producing the molecular sieves used for oxygen purification.

Zeochem has doubled the molecular sieve production capacities at its Louisville (USA) site. The sieves manufactured here are used to purify oxygen for medical and industrial applications. The new facilities came into operation this autumn.

Pulmonary diseases on the rise

Demand is rising substantially for the oxygen used in medical applications. This is due to an increase in the numbers of cases of chronic disease of the lungs and air passages, owing largely to tobacco consumption and air pollution. Lithium-based molecular sieves remove nitrogen from the air, raising its oxygen content to over 90%.

Industrial processes require pure oxygen?

Concentrated oxygen is also needed in many industrial processes such as in metals production, in refining, in chemistry and pharmaceuticals, in water treatment and in heating facilities..