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J&K Scientific: distributors worldwide

J&K Scientific has been distributing Zeochem’s deuterated compounds for ten years now. William Kerr, CEO of the China-based company, sees further application potential.

Greatest growth potential in China

J&K Scientific Ltd. produces and distributes chemicals for high-tech R&D and industrial upscale production in the organic and analytical chemistry, material science and life science sectors. The company, which was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Beijing, China, is active all over the world, and generates three quarters of its revenues in Europe and the USA. “We see the greatest growth in China, though,” says CEO William Kerr. The company also maintains extensive storage facilities on three continents, to ensure that its products are swiftly and readily available.

J&K Scientific sells over 600 000 products worldwide and manufactures more than 30 000 chemicals under its own brand. To these ends, the company works with hundreds of suppliers of chemicals, instruments and further equipment that are used in laboratories, research institutes and industrial R&D centers.

Fruitful and long-standing collaboration

The collaboration with Zeochem in the deuterated compound field extends back to 2009. “Zeochem has an impressive business strategy, sound structures and a very good reputation in our industry,” William Kerr explains. “Their strict quality controls are greatly appreciated, by us and our customers – just as much as we value our fruitful and long-standing collaboration.

” In addition to their current use in magnetic resonance spectroscopy and OLED displays, William Kerr sees further application potential for such deuterated products. “Tobacco, environmental, food and drug analyses and drug metabolism all require various isotopelabelled compounds,” he points out. “And these are all new markets into which we can expand.”

“We at J&K Scientific are pleased to be Zeochem’s strategic partner, sharing resources such as global marketing and distribution, innovation and industrial technologies, quality raw materials and our Integrated Scientific & Industrial Resource Platform production facilities to ensure and accelerate our mutual business development,” William Kerr concludes.