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Perlen Packaging opens new Anápolis plant

Perlen Packaging opened its new production plant in Anápolis, Brazil in November 2018, with a formal opening ceremony that was attended by some 60 guests. The new state-of-the-art facility produces medicinal packaging films in clean-room conditions.

The plant features some 2 700 square metres of floor area for warehousing raw materials, producing the films and storing the cut and packed film rolls. The films are manufactured on three cutting machines in a 500-square-metre clean room under a three-shift operation. The finished film products are destined for the local pharmaceuticals industry. Anápolis is located in the state of Goiás, which is home to Brazil’s second-largest pharmaceuticals cluster after São Paulo .

The 60 invitees who attended the opening ceremony – largely customers from Latin America and representatives of local authorities – were highly impressed by the new facility and its capabilities. With a cutting capacity  of 3 000 tonnes, the new plant can process the full range of films for blister pack applications. The prime recipients of its products are local pharmaceuticals suppliers and the subsidiaries of international pharma corporations.