In focus

The CPH share is part of the new SPI ESG index

CPH shares were included in the SPI ESG and SPI ESG Weighted sustainability indices newly launched by the Swiss stock exchange SIX.

The Swiss stock exchange SIX has introduced an ESG index for the first time, giving investors the opportunity to invest specifically in sustainable companies. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance. These three areas are used to assess whether and how companies take into account environmental and social aspects as well as a sustainable approach to corporate governance.

The SPI ESG Index measures the performance of Swiss equities on the basis of ESG ratings provided by Inrate. The index consists of those components of the Swiss Performance Index (SPI) that have a rating of at least C+ on a scale of A+ to D- and have less than 5% turnover in controversial sectors. The components are weighted according to their free float market capitalization.

The CPH Chemie + Papier Holding share is part of the new ESG indices. The CPH Group is committed to responsible corporate governance. It has made great efforts in recent years and massively reduced CO2 emissions. Its largest business unit, Paper, is a pure recycling company.

The CPH share is also a component of the Swiss Allshare Index, the SPI, the SPI Extra, the SPI ex SLI and the SPI Basic Resources.