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In 2020, the employees of the CPH Group were challenged by the Covid-19 crisis. Thanks to creativity, discipline, dedication and appropriate distancing, they ensured the three business divisions' delivery capability.

Perlen Packaging developed a new supply chain

The coronavirus pandemic prompted a steep increase in the demand for medicines, most of which are packaged in blister packs with low- or medium-barrier films. In early 2020, it became clear that the production capacities for medium-barrier duplex films might become stretched at Perlen Packaging’s European manufacturing sites.

“In record time, we were able to establish a second duplex film supply line for our customers worldwide and thereby enhance both our delivery reliability and our own flexibility”, says Lars Kirchhoff, Perlen Packaging’s Chief Sales Officer. (more)

Zeochem tackled COVID-19 together with its partners

When Southeast DME, a large US service center repairing oxygen concentrators, was faced with a steep increase in demand, Zeochem was there to help. “The specialists at Zeochem support us with their molecular sieve expertise, their enhanced solutions and their short delivery times to help us meet our customers’ growing needs,” says Southeast DME’s CEO Paul Lassanske. (more)

Perlen Papier ensured adequate supply of newsprint

Italy is the third-largest market for the Paper Division. During the lockdown to combat Covid-19, supplies were maintained thanks to the exceptional efforts of all partners. To help out, Daniel Schöni, owner and CEO of Schöni Transport, resolved to assume driving duties himself, and trucked a load of some 24 tonnes of newsprint from Perlen to Rome. (more)