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3 business divisions, 3 success stories

As a reaction to the increasing demand, the Chemistry and Packaging divisions are expanding their production facilities. The Paper Division’s climate-neutral paper, on the other hand, enables its customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Zeochem: Extending the lifespan of OLED displays

From TVs to smartphones to motor vehicles: OLED displays are on the rise thanks to the technology’s superiority in the display of colors and in terms of efficiency.

What many do not know: the light-emitting diodes are organic. Hence, the materials will age, and their luminescent properties will correspondingly decline. Thanks not least to the use of deuterated solvents—which are produced by Zeochem among others—in their manufacture, the latest generation of OLEDs boast extended lifespans.

To meet the increasing demand, CPH’s Chemistry Division is building an additional distillation plant at its Rüti site in Switzerland. It should start operations in 2022. Read more

Perlen Papier: For a healthy climate

“Protecting our climate is a task we can all contribute to. That’s why we use Perlen Papier’s climate-neutral paper for our VisanaForum health magazine,” says Stephan Fischer, editor-in-chief of the health insurance’s customer publication with a circulation of 440,000 copies.

Thanks to various sustainability measures, Perlen Papier’s carbon footprint is now some 75% smaller than those of its European competitors. And since 2021, customers have been able to offset the remaining CO2 emissions generated in the paper’s production via a certified reforestation project in Uruguay, making their Perlen paper supplies entirely climate-neutral. Read more

Perlen Packaging: A new coating plant in Brazil

Latin America and Brazil in particular are rapidly growing pharmaceutical markets. To meet the increasing demand and to be able to supply the local and regional customers more promptly, Perlen Packaging is developing its Anápolis site in Brazil from a slitting plant into a full production facility for high-barrier films. It will complement the two existing ones in Switzerland and China and is scheduled to begin operations in mid-2022. It will be Latin AAmerica’s most advanced coating plant.

With the new Anápolis facility Perlen Packaging is completing the expansion into a global manufacturer of high-barrier films for the pharmaceutical industry. Read more