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Lake bed in front of former chemical production site is redeveloped

Remediation of the lake bed in front of the former production site of the Chemistry Division in Uetikon has begun. The CPH Group is bearing 80% of the costs.

When the former production site of the Chemistry Division in Uetikon was sold to the Canton of Zurich, the CPH Group undertook to remove sediments from 200 years of production from the lake bed in front of it. The deposits are trapped in the lake bed and pose no danger to bathers or water quality. The CPH Group is covering 80% of the cost of the cleanup now underway, which will cost around CHF 25 million.

Under the working pontoon, a high-tech pump in a working box the size of a house extracts sediments at a depth of up to 30 meters, which are then piped ashore and processed on site. Contaminated material is filled into containers and then transported to disposal facilities. It is expected to take until spring 2024 to clean up the affected lake bed, which is the size of about ten soccer fields. After that, the canton of Zurich plans to build a cantonal school on the site of the former chemical plant.