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Investors’ Day 2022: Sustainability and innovation in the spotlight

The focus of the Investors’ Day 2022 was on the Chemistry Division. Special attention was also paid to the CPH Group's sustainability strategy.

The CPH Group welcomed interested analysts and investors to its annual Investors’ Day in Perlen on 13 September 2022. Peter Schildknecht, CEO of the CPH Group, opened the event with an overview of the course of business and explained the status of the implementation of the long-term strategy, which aims at balancing the net sales among the three business divisions, expanding the proportion of total net sales outside Europe, and reducing the exposure to the Swiss franc in currency terms.

He also highlighted the progress made by the CPH Group with regard to its sustainability strategy. The dependence on fossil fuels has been greatly reduced, while the company’s own production of renewable energy has been increased. “Thanks to a host of measures, we have been able to reduce global CO2 emissions by around 80% over the past ten years,” explained Peter Schildknecht. In addition, the CPH Group embraces its social commitment and offers apprenticeships and employs a diverse workforce. Moreover, it has a stable shareholder base.

The focus of this year’s Investors’ Day was on the Chemistry Divison. Alois Waldburg-Zeil, Head of the Chemistry Division, explained how the strategic realignment created the basis for Zeochem’s positive business development. He is also optimistic about the future: “Zeochem is benefiting from the three megatrends of healthcare, energy and mobility, which are expected to increase demand and open up new areas of application for our products. Together, they form a solid basis for further growth.” Therefore, he said, further investments are planned to meet the high demand and strengthen the focus on innovative products.

For further details, please refer to the presentations of the CPH Group and the Chemistry Division.