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Start of a new business era after successful spin-off of the paper manufacturing activities

Separation of paper business from chemistry and packaging activities of CPH Group AG successfully effected. Off-exchange trading in shares of the newly spun-off and newly founded Perlen Industrieholding AG begins today.

CPH Group AG: Separation of paper business successfully effected

CPH Group AG: Separation of paper business successfully effected

CPH Group AG has successfully effected the spin-off of its previous paper manufacturing business and its real-estate assets in Perlen into the new Perlen Industrieholding AG. This is a landmark moment in the company’s more than 200-year history. The action offers the newly named CPH Group AG (formerly CPH Chemie + Papier Holding AG) the opportunity to further raise the global market presence of its chemistry (Zeochem) and packaging (Perlen Packaging) businesses. In strategy terms, CPH Group AG will consistently pursue further growth in international niche markets, both organically and through acquisition activities.

While CPH Group AG remains listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange with the CPHN ticker symbol, the shares of Perlen Industrieholding AG (ticker symbol: PERL) will be traded over-the-counter from today onwards on the off-exchange OTC-X platform of the Berner Kantonalbank ( and the LPZ-X platform of Bank Lienhardt & Partner (

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